What we spent this week | 12 to 18 June 2017

Hello and welcome to our “What we spent this week” blog series.

As the name suggests, we record and report our weekly spending (Monday to Sunday) every week on the blog.

By recording our spending, we hope that we will be able to tell if we are over-spending on some areas and hopefully, we can fix it. We think this will help us feel less guilty about spending on fun things sometimes too. If we know for sure that the last time we ate out was 2 weeks ago, we can eat out this week without feeling bad about it.

And by telling the world how we are spending the money, we will be held accountable for it. 

We also believe in talking about money because it is important and not enough people are talking about it. I mean, who doesn’t want to know how others spend their money, right?

Big delicious sushi plate

Monday – $0

Absolutely nothing! One of my favourite things to see is a zero-spend day.

Tuesday – $10

Bought some flowers to brighten Khin’s day and some lollies to share.

Wednesday – $57

We had dinner out at our favourite restaurant at the moment – Mobara. Sushi and creme brulee, yum!

Thursday – $37.50

New plants. You will see a trend with this! Plants are one of our common spends, especially while setting up our new home.

Rubbish Dump fees – we got rid of some of our packaging from our new furniture.

Donuts! We stopped at Krispy Kreme as a treat for a productive day.

Friday – $664

Went and bought some top-up groceries. Instant noodles, headache tablets, cookies, cat food, and a double-adapter.

We finally bought most of our home lighting today. We’ll post what it looks like soon – when it’s all installed.

Saturday – $185

This weekend we went to visit Mitch’s mum, and got our final light for the home.

Topped up with petrol ready for the trip to Victor Harbor (around 2 hours’ drive)

IKEA lunch

Our final light from Ikea

Roast chicken for dinner, and bought cat litter for mum. We buy her some cat litter and water every visit, because she has a bad back and can’t lift heavy items easily.

Sunday – $22

Water for mum

Went to a local strawberry farm on the way home. Bought strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and a cream soda.

Total Weekly Spend: $975.50


This spending total doesn’t include our mortgage and bills. We have compiled all our mortgage and bill payments in this separate blog post right here.

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