The Joy of Self-Employment

By Mitch

Nine months ago, my life was dramatically different. I was working as a department manager in retail – work was busy and no small source of stress. This looked like what life was going to be like for the foreseeable future.

Everything changed when K’s business began to really take off. It became too much for one person to handle – we talked it through and came to the decision that it would be better for me to join in than for Khin to hire someone. I put in 7 days notice, and one week later I joined Khin in self-employment!

This was a huge leap at the time – we relied on the stability of a salary before, and it was hard to adjust to the uncertainty of being completely self-sufficient. The worries faded into the background soon after, and the positives shone through. I’d like to list a few of the differences below.


No commute

This is a big one – commuting took me an average of 40 minutes every day, if I was lucky enough to be missing rush hour. We were approaching the move-in day for our new home at the time, and this would have doubled that time!

The time saved from the commute adds up to a nice bit of relaxation – instead of being stuck in traffic, I can be at home making a delicious lunch.


Home Cooked Meals (and time to make them)

Speaking of lunch, that’s another great advantage. Before, I was buying lunch from some takeaway place, or having a packed lunch (microwaved and eaten in a noisy break room). Now, we make a delicious lunch together, and eat it while chilling on the couch watching some TV. Here’s what we had today, home-made pizza with bacon, salami and some saffron milk cap mushrooms we foraged over the weekend.



Self – Sufficiency

Dealing with management can be very stressful, no matter which job you work in. Another stress point for retail in particular is hour-cutting, where you are expected to do the same job with less time or fewer people allotted.

Becoming self employed means making your own decisions, and allotting your own time to the tasks as needed. This leads to much less stress, even when work hours are longer!


Co – Workers

Working with your wife has to be the best thing ever! I love spending time with my wife, and joining her in full-time work has been an amazing change for the better. It is a wonderful feeling to know your co-worker (your partner) has your back in everything.


There are so many more positives than what I’ve mentioned above. I have to say that this was one of the largest changes of my life, and it changed my view on life greatly for the better.


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