We’re going to Japan!

For quite a few years now, Japan has been at the top of our must-see destinations, but we never went. Why not? We felt that we couldn’t afford it.

If you read yesterday’s post,  you already know we have been playing around with a budget to allow for more freedom in our spending. By setting up the budget we’ve cut back on things we don’t care much for (buying trinkets, or eating out mindlessly) to spend on things that matter to us. This of course includes a trip to Japan. We both absolutely love the cuisine, and the history of the beautiful place. Not to mention it has almost every single park or museum that we want to see! Studio Ghibli, Disney Sea, and Universal Studios (mainly for Wizarding World of Harry Potter).

One of the first things we did when setting up our travel budget, was book a flight to Japan! We booked a trip of two weeks in autumn, so we will get to see the beautiful autumn leaves. So where are we going there?


We are spending most of our time in the ancient city of Kyoto. Since food, nature and history are our favourite three things to see on holiday, this was the ideal place for us.

We’ll be staying at an AirBnB, it’s a traditional house with its own mini zen garden. It’s actually that beautiful place shown at the top of this post! With the house, we get free usage of their bicycles, so we can bike around town. Apparently almost everything we want to see is within reach by bicycle.

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (2)


From Kyoto, we’ll see ancient castles, amazing gardens, and of course, have some delicious meals. We’ll also make some day trips to Osaka, and to Nara, where they have a park filled with friendly deer.




We’ll be spending the last four days in Tokyo, where we will be going to the Ghibli Museum, and to Disney Sea! Apart from this, we don’t have anything planned yet, but we are sure we will find quite a bit to fill these few days.

Our AirBnB in Tokyo is a modern, Scandinavian-style apartment. Khin especially loves it!

ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg (1)


The trip is a while away still, but we are both very excited – some days we’ll stop whatever we’re doing and exclaim, “We’re going to Japan!” “I know, I can’t wait!”

I’ve also taken up learning to speak Japanese, in preparation. We’ve both tried to learn in the past but haven’t kept it up. I’m going to try and become as fluent as I can in the coming months, so that we can make our own way around, and not rely on English speakers.

Of course, when we get back I’ll be sure to post here with a lot of photos! Khin loves to take photos and videos, and you can see her lovely videos on her YouTube channel. I’ll have to steal her camera to take some photos while we’re there!

See you later!
Mata ne!

2 thoughts on “We’re going to Japan!

  1. It sounds so exciting!Japan is on top of my wish list as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’m so excited to go! I hope you get the opportunity to do so soon as well.


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