A full Easter long weekend

I hope you’ve all had a great long weekend! We get a 4 day long weekend for Easter in Australia – since I work from home, I still worked for some of it. My weekend has been fantastic, filled with productivity and fun. I thought I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to.


Khin and I hustled at work this morning, and finished our work by around lunchtime. We headed down to Victor Harbor to visit my mum – it’s around a 2 hour drive. It was beautiful weather, so we went for a walk along part of the Heysen trail, with rolling hills of farmland on one side and the ocean on the other.



Today we went kayaking at Encounter Lakes, where we waved hello to some folks celebrating their Easter at their lakefront houses. A fun time and excellent exercise all in one!

Animated GIF-downsized_large

After that we headed back to my mum’s place, and helped her pick tomatoes from her overgrown tomato plant. Since she can’t eat everything she gave most of it to us, in return for some of the pasta sauce we were planning to make with it.

We headed back home a little later, and after dinner we made the batch of pasta sauce with garlic, onion and fresh herbs from our garden, watching an episode of The Bletchley Circle while it cooked down. It filled around 6 good-sized jars, so it should last us quite a while.




For Sunday I did another part-day of work – it’s much easier to work 6 slightly shorter days, than to come back on Monday to a mountain of work.

I made pancakes for breakfast, with some of our homemade fig jam.

Khin and I went out for lunch at our local garden shop. Yes, they do great food too, and even have a homeware shop with kitchen supplies – it’s like everything I love in life all in one place!

After browsing over the plants there, we came back excited to work on our back garden. We spent the afternoon weeding and working on Khin’s flower patch – giving it more space as well as a defined border with pavers.

In the evening after watching another episode of The Bletchley Circle, I wrote this post from yesterday, on the story of my journey to intentional living.

It was a struggle to write my story, as I am not happy with the person I was before. Some days I’m not happy with who I am, but I’m working at it every day (and on my self-image). Anyway, although it was difficult, I am very glad to have written it, and it gives me a sense of perspective on how far I’ve come.


Pancakes for breakfast again today, since I had some leftover mix!

Another part-day at work, and another garden store visit! I know, it’s an obsession.

This time I wanted to work out an awkward space of the garden. We had grass under an archway at the back of the garden, but it was impossible to mow. I shovelled out the grass, and replaced it with some gravel I bought today.

And I have spent this evening writing this post!

All in all, it’s been a fun time, filled with things that bring me joy, but also bring richness and achievement to my life. That’s what intentional living is all about. And I try to make every day like this.

While the night is technically not over, that is about it for tonight, and I will wind down and get some sleep.

Good night, and see you next time!

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