What is Important in Your Life?

Consider what truly means the most to you.

This is a difficult prospect for most, as you may not know what makes you happy until you give yourself time to find it! If you can find just one or two things that are important to you, that is a great place to begin. Maybe you want to focus on your health. Maybe you want to spend more time with your family.

As you begin to live more intentionally and focus on these important things, more will begin to make themselves known.

I began chasing a more intentional life a couple of years ago. I didn’t know it at the time. I wasn’t happy with how I was doing what felt like the same thing every day – I ended many of my days with the thought of ‘Is that it?’. Every day at work was the same. Then I would come home and not do much of anything. I enjoyed spending quality time with my wife, but I seemed to have forgotten what that entailed.

My focuses at the beginning of my journey were my relationship with my wife, and to do more with my days. As I went along, I slowly began to rediscover hobbies that I had stopped over the years. Reading. Cooking. Writing. And to discover new passions. Kayaking. Hiking.

Start making a list of a few things you want to prioritise in life. You can add more as you discover them and slowly build your intentional life, filled with things that bring you joy and help you grow.

Keep your list in mind as you go throughout your day. Do you want to browse your phone on the bus home? Maybe you could take the time to learn how to make Paella, and then pick up a few ingredients on the way home.

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